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Dear Zorro:
I’m wondering if you made any new year’s resolutions? I am looking to start the new year off by doing something different, but the new year has started, and I haven’t come up with anything. Do you have any suggestions?
Lacking a resolution in Boston

Dear lacking a resolution in Boston,

First, my best wishes to you for a happy and healthy new year. Yes, I always try to make a new year’s resolution that I will feel good about. I never put eating healthy, losing weight, exercising more or other things like that on my list. I certainly don’t want to eat healthy as I love treats, and I think my weight is good. I’m not sure why my vet thinks you should be able to feel my ribs, but I am good with my weight. And, while I enjoy going for walks, thinking of it as exercise doesn’t seem right. So, those kinds of things don’t make my list.

Instead, I go for different types of resolutions … like trying to be a kinder and more loving greyhound. This year, I am trying to help my sister pick up her toys. She is always leaving them where my dad will trip over them. And, I am trying to let mom sleep past 5 a.m. even though that is very hard for me.

Last year, my resolution was to be greytful for something every day, and I plan to continue that. I am very greytful that I was born a Greyhound. It’s hard to think of a greyhound as a dog because we are really something special. Other dogs, please don’t take offense, it’s just that we are different in a lot of ways.

You may have heard people talk about our “idiosyncrasies”. Well yes, we do have some. Even our blood is special. Certain normal blood levels in greyhounds are not the same as in other breeds. The Greyhound Health Initiative produces a wallet-sized card that lists important Greyhound-specific reference intervals compared to non-greyhound dogs. The website also has a wealth of medical information on greyhounds from corns to serious illnesses. But I hope none of my greyhound friends will ever get really sick.

You can download and print a card using this link

And, our height, well it is perfect. You might know that there aren’t too many other breeds that have it as easy as a greyhound to do some counter surfing. Today, I am thankful for my couch.

I recommend thinking of something that you are greytful for everyday as your new year’s resolution! It will do you so much good. Science backs that up! So that’s my advice whether you are a hound or their peeps.


Ps. I love to answer your questions about all things greyhounds. Email me at I look forward to hearing from you.

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