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Zorro, aka Z or ZZ (formerly Atascocita Azzore) is an almost 10 year old greyhound who has been in his forever home since October 2014, where he is a treasured member of his family and watch dog. He is grateful to Greyhound Options for the role they played in getting him to his family. He fondly remembers his foster families Karen and Ed St.Onge and Lisa and Tony Bryant with great affection. In fact, it was at the Bryants where he learned how to get people to sit down on the couch for a kiss. Today, he uses that same technique on the storm door to let his family know when he wants to come in. Zorro is a loving big brother to greyhound, Flower, who looks up to him and has learned several of his behaviors. Zorro is a very sweet and exuberant boy who is interested in many things – he is currently learning more about toilet paper. He looks forward to answering questions and posting on the GO website.

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