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Adoption Process



Once you have decided to take the plunge, fill out the online application form.

Learn about retired racing greyhounds and what a wonderful addition to your family one (or more) would make. Our volunteers will happily share their experiences, knowledge, and advice. Please come talk to us at one of our many meet and greets, social gatherings, or fundraising events; join our Facebook group; check out the Resources section of our website; or contact us directly.



The Placement Representative located closest to you will review your application and call as soon as possible with any questions and to set up an appointment for the home visit.



Your rep will visit with you in the comfort of your home for an hour or two. They will get a good idea of your lifestyle and home environment, and if it would be a good fit for a greyhound. The visit affords you the opportunity to ask questions of the rep, and vice versa. It also provides an opportunity for the rep to point out any potentially hazardous areas for a greyhound and give corrective suggestions. They will also tell you what you may need to purchase or alter in preparation for the arrival of your new 4-legged housemate. Your rep will likely bring their own greyhound. This will truly exhibit how a greyhound will behave in your home, often defraying misconceptions about their size, behavior, and activity level.


Home Visit

You will be informed either during the home visit or shortly thereafter whether or not your application has been approved.



You and your rep will work together to determine the criteria to best match a greyhound to your family and circumstances. Some things to consider might include whether you have a fenced in yard, other pets, or children, as well as the layout of your house and the number of hours the dog will be alone. Once you have narrowed your options from our list of available foster dogs, you will meet potential adoptees.



The dog that you have selected will come to your home to stay until you decide whether you want to finalize the adoption. This can happen within moments or over a few weeks. The rep will take the adoption donation and hold it until the adoption agreement is signed. You will also be asked to complete a brief liability waiver. If a problem arises, or the dog just isn't the right one, your check will be returned to you. You may then wish to consider another greyhound, or withdraw your application.


Dog Visit

Time to officially welcome your new family member! Your Placement Representative, you, and a witness will sign the adoption agreement.

CONGRATULATIONS! Remember that Greyhound Options, Inc. will always be available to answer questions, provide support, and in the worst of circumstances, take your greyhound back to find him or her a new home. As is outlined in the adoption agreement, you must notify Greyhound Options if you move, can no longer keep your greyhound, or if your greyhound has died.



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