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Does my dog need a special place in the house?

In the kennel your dog has always had its own confined space where it felt safe and secure. There are a number of ways of accomplishing this in your home. You can purchase or rent a large crate or make a social bedding area with a couple of inches of plump bedding. Either of these methods helps the dog to adjust to your household.

Although many people feel uncomfortable using a crate, greyhounds are quite at home in them. Indeed, using a large crate can help you to help your dog successfully make the transition from racing dog to pet by affording the dog a manageable space when overwhelmed by the sudden freedom of your house.

Leaving the dog home alone, uncrated, may result in behaviors which might alarm and dismay you. Your dog may investigate the garbage or frantically try to chew through the door to find you. He or she may find new uses for your furniture, or your dog may simply howl and pine until you return. The use of a crate could eliminate these potential disasters. Dogs instinctively will not soil their own space, making usage of the crate an effective tool in the housebreaking process. It is a secure and familiar space for the dog, providing a certain piece of mind for you.

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