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Why is routine important to a greyhound?

A consistent routine is all your greyhound has ever known. At the breeding farm, and later at the racing kennel, feeding and exercise always occur at the same time each day. Generally, the dogs are turned out early in the morning and then again at midmorning. During the second turnout, crates are cleaned. After the second turnout, those dogs not racing are fed. The dogs remain in their crates until late afternoon for the third turnout. The final turnout is usually late in the evening, just before the trainer goes home for the night. Because the dogs are so accustomed to a daily routine, it is quite easy to adapt the old routine to what best fits your household.

These dogs are amazingly adaptable, and really want to please, but depend on your consistency. Work out a general routine that will work for you and stick to it. Make it something that is easily managed by your household and takes the dog's needs into account. (Note: until you and your dog have established a comfortable routine, you may need to make more frequent trips outside to avoid accidents.)

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