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Oktoberfest 2021

Sunday, October 17th, 2021 – Dufresne Park, Granby MA

After missing an entire year, we finally held our annual Octoberfest. It was a picture perfect afternoon for gathering once again. The fall event is always a great time for fun, fur, and friends.

The raffle tables were packed with everything from beds, coats, books, barware, and booze (for the humans!).

The vendors were happy to once again offer their unique, fine crafts to their dog loving customers.

We brought in a nail clipper to help trim up those Greyhounds into tip top shape.

Our game masters always bring fun challenges. Greyhound bowling, peanut butter licking, and wrap your mummy games were the hits this year. Then there was the great cacophony of the rooing contest.

And of course we had a full menu over at the Greyhound Grill including Mama Sygiel’s famous corn chowder, a crowd pleaser every year.

Images by Kate Scoles and Carla Trottier

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