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Irish Greys Have Arrived!

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

On October 14, GO welcomed its first group of Irish Greyhounds into the family. Ellie, Tiger, Birdy, Magic, Tommy, and Hope arrived at JFK in NY where five GO members waited with anticipation to greet them. The dogs made the trip from Heathrow Airport in London in specially made wooden crates which then had to be disassembled in the cargo terminal of American Airlines. Then the long journey to Ware until they could finally relax in our isolation room for the next 48 hours. All the dogs did very well on the trip and are now in foster homes waiting for their forever homes. We have many applicants who have been waiting a long time to adopt a Greyhound and it won’t be long before we can match them all up. We are hoping to bring in US dogs when they are available as well as continue to work with the Irish Retired Greyhound Trust for the Irish Greys.

Magic: "Um, hello? I can't hold it any longer..."

American Paparazzi

Tommy: "Could you put the phone down and let us out please?"

Hope: "Where are we!?"

Birdy: "I don't think we're in London anymore."

Ellie: "Can we go back to Ireland now?"

Tiger: "You seem nice. Do you wan to be friends?"

Tommy: "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Magic: "SQUIRREL!"

Tommy: "Idiot."

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1 Comment

Clifton Kerr
Clifton Kerr
Nov 05, 2021

I heard they bark with a funny accent.

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