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What sort of medical care will my greyhound need?

In our lives the best medical care is prevention. Even though your dog was dewormed, in about three weeks you should take a stool sample to your vet just to be on the safe side. Discuss with your vet what sort of heartworm preventative will work best for your dog. You might also ask the vet to show you how to cut your dog’s claws, something that should be done once or twice a month.

Your greyhound was given all its vaccinations and was spayed or neutered. Be sure your vet is very familiar with the precautions necessary in regard to greyhounds and anesthesia. Try to do all the things that need to be done while the dog is "under", such as tooth scaling, etc.

Read all shampoo and flea spray/powder labels and be sure that they are safe to use on sighthounds. Do not use a flea collar on a greyhound. They are particularly sensitive to the chemicals in them. Greyhounds are not plagued with conformation diseases such as hip dysplasia. If given good loving care, they can live 12-15 years or more, a delightfully long life for your dog and your family together.

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