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How do I housebreak my greyhound?

Your dog is kennel trained. This means that he or she knows that when let out of its crate at the racing kennel, it's time to poop or pee in the turnout pen. By taking your dog out frequently and at consistent times, and by giving lots of praise when the dog succeeds, you will quickly establish the correct place for your greyhound to relieve itself. Most dogs present body signals indicating when they need to go out. Look for these signals. They may be as simple as a serious sniffing of the floor, to a lot of quick pacing back and forth. Initially, expect some accidents. It takes a little while for you and your dog to learn each other's language and timing. If there is an accident, don't punish your dog, just hurry outside and be encouraging. Consider taking the dog out more frequently for a while.

Vinegar and water are good to use for cleaning up, as the acid neutralizes the odor. Corn starch sprinkled over urine on carpets can be vacuumed when completely dry. This technique also takes out the stain and odor effectively. Never clean up an accident in front of your dog. You don't want to even suggest to the dog that cleaning up an accident is something that humans do. Although it sounds odd, it is a standard rule.

When you take your dog out to relieve itself, you will notice that he or she seems to be looking for the "right" spot. This may take some time. Once found, your dog will relieve itself. The next time the two of you go out, go to the same spot, calmly waiting for your dog to do what is necessary. Don't distract your dog with playful body language, as you want him or her to focus on the reason for being outside. Once business is taken care of, you can play, walk, etc.

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