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How do I feed my greyhound?

When you get your dog, it will be at "racing weight". Most dogs reach "pet weight" within the first month of life at your house. Your dog may seem to devour its food at first. This behavior will slowly disappear as your dog realizes that it can depend on you for plenty of food regularly. Occasionally, however, a greyhound will seem totally uninterested in food. Do not worry. With patient coaxing, the dog will usually eat more heartily as he or she becomes comfortable with its surroundings.

Initially, feed your dog between 3-5 cups of food a day. As your dog adjusts to the food change, you can increase the amount to 4-6 cups a day, depending on the size of the dog, and its own personal appetite. It is best to buy a good brand of dog food that contains about 22% protein derived from meat. It should have as little filler as possible and no soy, which gives them gas. These better quality foods can be obtained at feed and pet stores, as opposed to the supermarket brands. A teaspoon of corn oil each day helps to keep the coat shiny. For good dental hygiene, occasionally give your dog rawhide chews and dog biscuits.

The change in diet from track to household may cause diarrhea in your dog. Should this occur, give your dog two Pepto-Bismol tablets every two hours or so until the diarrhea has stopped. Feed 1-2 cups each cottage cheese and rice, two or three times a day until stools begin to look solid. Gradually decrease rice, while increasing dry kibble. As stools become normal, eliminate the cottage cheese. It is important to recognize that accidents may happen due to an upset stomach, rather than lack of manners. Remember, the dog is trying to adjust and should be treated with patience and care.

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