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How important is exercise for my greyhound?

The greyhound is an athlete. They are accustomed to racing every three days. However, in their retirement, their exercise needs are easily fulfilled by 2-4 "fun" walks during the week of at least 1/2 hour in length. They also enjoy a run in an enclosed area off leash. They are born to run and it is one of their greatest pleasures.

As you might expect, the change from racetrack to your household is somewhat stressful, confusing, and exciting for your dog. Exercise facilitates an easier transition. A tired, satisfied dog seems to have less energy to worry or be upset. Walking and/or running with your dog speeds up the bonding process and enables the two of you to learn each other's language that much more quickly.

Greyhounds make excellent jogging companions once they learn to adjust their stride to yours. Summer heat and winter salt can injure pads however, so check your dog's feet after each run. Also give your dog a chance to relieve itself before and after the jog to prevent kidney tie-up.

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