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Available Greyhounds

Track closures have resulted in an extreme shortage of retired racers.

Due to track closings across the country and the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic we have decided to suspend taking adoption applications for the time being. We are working diligently to make new connections with the remaining tracks and transporters who are still involved in retired racer placement. Stay tuned for further information.

Vetting Policy

Greyhound Options, Inc. is dedicated to the responsible placement of retired racing Greyhounds. We feel strongly that vetting is a very important part of the adoption process. Thanks to donations, fund raisers, and the participation of many veterinarians, G.O., Inc. is able to include the vetting listed below for each and every dog we place.


Each dog is given a general physical exam to determine their overall condition.


Rabies and distemper vaccinations are given if they are not current.

Heartworm Test and Medication

Upon testing negative, dogs are placed on a heartworm preventive medication. It is the adoptive family's responsibility to continue this medication after adoption. Should a dog test positive for heartworm, it will remain in foster care for treatment and recuperation (usually about 8 weeks).


Greyhound Options has every dog we place spayed or neutered.


During the spay/neuter procedure, the dog’s teeth are cleaned. This is done because Greyhounds are genetically predisposed to periodontal disease.


As a precaution, all dogs receive a dose of deworming medication. The adoptive family should take a stool sample to their own vet approximately three months later in case a re-dosing is needed.

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